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Mary-Jane started training her show bred Labrador in the 1980's in a desperate attempt to curb the dog's unruly behaviour! It worked! The dog had fun, was kept fit and amused...... "Now thirty years on the dogs keep me fit and amused! I now run six working dogs - 5 Labradors and a Cocker Spaniel. 'I try to keep a full diary during the season either picking up on various shoots or field trialling. During the warmer months I train the dogs and compete in working tests to keep the dogs and myself up to scratch. I enjoy being part of the team and any success in competing is the silver lining. I am a 'A panel' judge for Kennel Club Field Trials and enjoy all aspects of watching, working, and living with retrievers, I have held training clinics in Sweden and Belgium and delighted to have been a Judge for the Open Working test for Retrievers and Team Working test in Belgium in 2016". The thirty years of experience in all aspects of Gundog training and competing has endowed Mary-Jane with a wealth of knowledge in the field of Gundogs and Gun dog training. After having tasted a little success with her first working bred Labrador twenty years ago, she has gone on to compete at the highest level - and in 2010 made up her young Labrador to Field trial Champion and compete in the IGL Championships at Sandringham. In 2012 FTCh Decies Dodge by Studebaker again qualified for the IGL Championships in Nairne, Scotland and in 2013 they went again to compete in Lauder, Scotland for the season's Championships - getting through to the last day.... the top 14 dogs in the country! For eighteen years Mary-Jane has helped dog owners who want to train their dogs to various degrees and standards. Mary-Jane has a great way of getting training techniques over to fellow dog owners in a way that is fun and productive. She will help any gundog owner fulfill their potential as a dog handler - to whatever degree they require - be it from obedient pet gundog to field trialer. The sessions can last between one and two hours, covering every thing from heelwork, retrieving to hand, whistle work, jumps/obstacles and hunting in cover. The terrain, while rough, is equipped with a retrieving lane, jumps etc. offering other useful gundog training style scenarios. If required a simulated dog walk can be undertaken to help owners discover the possibilities for training their dog at home on their own and during the daily exercise walk. Training ground is located near Tavistock - Devon. A list of dogs available for stud and breeding plans are available on Champdogs website

or click on this link to go to Champdogs Labradors at stud

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