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Single Shot, .22 blank firer, starting pistol, gundog training, gun dog equipment, athletic running starting pistol,

Black dog sale price £65

Single Shot MK1

Classic model, weighing only 115gms, this light weight model has been used by Gundog trainers  for years to train the dog to gun shot. Retains all the advantages of a blank firer that does not resemble a fire arm, please click here to see Single Shot MK2 for full details and video page for demo.




sale price £65

.22 blank, Blank loader, gundog training, gun dog equipment, dog training,
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discs pair copy.png

.22 Loaders

5 Loaders for the price of 4

£15 for 5 loaders

See .22 loader page and video page for full details

Partridge Discs

EZ-ThrowerTM and 4 Discs click on the image for demo and click HERE for page.

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