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 Labrador Spaniel training retrieving dummy

Canvas Retrieve Dummy

A classic design, and a 'must' for any training. Available as 1lb or 1/2lb

weights in green or tan heavy weight canvas, with toggle for throwing.

1lb £8.50

1/2 £6.50 

Black and white tennis ball, dog training equipment, gundog training, gundog training equipment, gundog toy

Black & White tennis balls and Target tennis balls

bi coloured tennis balls ensure your dog can see the

ball in the air and bouncing on the ground.

Suprisingly like a rabbit moving! White tennis balls can give a dog a target to aim to or see just at the last stages of a retrieve.

A great addition to the training equipment

light to carry and can easily be thrown

by hand or by ball thrower. View in action on video page

THREE balls £10=

Need a quick clean to restore colours - simply add to the washing machine when washing the dog bedding!

White Target tennis ball, Gundog training equipment, Labrador, Spaniel,
pheasant wings, gundog training, dog toy, gundog equipment, gun dog training equipment, gun dog.
Pheasant pelt, Gundog, Gun Dog training, retrieve equipment, Dog Training,

Pheasant Wings

A Pair of Air Dried Cock Pheasant wings.

Supplied with extra large elastic bands to attach to conventional retrieve dummy.

£4 pair of wings

Dummy not supplied

Cock Pheasant only!

Rabbit skin, Rabbit pelt, gundog, Gun Dog training, dog training equipment.
Pheasant Pelt
A complete cock pheasant pelt, air dried and supplied with extra large bands to secure to your canvas dummy. The pelt comes with tail feathers to attach if you want - can be left off so as not to hinder placing in your game bag! Pelt £17.50
Rabbit Fur Skin Pelt
Air dried and fully cured rabbit skin. Supplied with extra large strong bands to attach to your canvas dummy. £9
Partridge discs, dog toy, dog training, gundog, gun dog training,

Partridge Discs

A pair of 'Clay' discs. To use with the

EZ-ThrowTM hand clay thrower. For further details please see Partridge thrower page or click on the image.

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