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Developed by Gundog Dummies this is a high quality blank firer. Constructed from durable materials and manufactured in England, it is the only blank firer made that does not look like a gun. Simple to use and reload the Single Shot will fire again and again without a miss-fire or mass detonation of blanks. Easy to conceal from the dog, light and small enough to attach to your lanyard, you'll never want to use a starting pistol again. Fully reviewed by David Tomlinson in the Shooting Times. Click here to see the Single shot in action. Click on the image to see David Tomlinson's Shooting Times review in full.

Single Shot priced at £70

Special Offer A- Single Shot and Box of .22 blanks £77

Special offer B- Single Shot, Box of blanks and .22 loader


Single Shot Starting Pistol .22 blank firer, Gundog training equipment, dog training equipment, dog training, dog toy.

The Single Shot Blank Firer

'The Single Shot appealed to me instantly. Made from stainless steel and plastic, it is light but nicely weighted so feels good in the hand. It is also tough but beautifully engineered, easily capable of surviving all the knocks and drops it is likely to receive in the field' - D. Tomlinson Shooting Times

''My advice is to throw away your starting pistol and get one of these instead – you won’t regret it.' David Tomlinson - Shooting Times

Shipping overseas...If ordering blanks please contact before purchase, as some destinations will not accept blanks.