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A UK based company that stocks a wide variety of gundog training equipment, home to the Single Shot and .22 Loader. From Retrievers to Spaniels and all breeds inbetween, at GundogDummies we have training equipment for you - whether you are a professional dog trainer, a field trialer, a 'picker-up' or just want a well trained gundog - we source, invent and manufacture quality gundog training equipment that will help you. We own, train and compete with our own dogs, and use a hands on approach to inventing gundog training equipment. We stock the bare essentials from Acme Gundog Whistles to canvas Gundog Dummies, but we have also developed our own equipment - The Single Shot blank firer (- the only blank firer that does NOT look like a gun), the all new .22 LOADER (allows you to quickly insert a blank cap - even with cold fingers!). We support a number of Gundog Clubs and events.



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